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Italians in Lockdown in Siena Come Together in Song

by Eben Diskin Mar 13, 2020

In the middle of a nationwide lockdown in Italy — and growing concerns over the coronavirus around the world — there’s not much to be cheerful about. The Italy lockdown has effectively restricted the movement of the country’s 62 million inhabitants, confining most of them to their homes, and has shut down all shops except for supermarkets and pharmacies. Residents on one street in Siena, however, decided to break up the monotony of the lockdown with song. A video of people singing out their windows is offering a small dose of cheerfulness during these uncertain times.

According to the Twitter user who posted the video, “In Siena […] you stay at home but you sing together as if you were on the street. I was moved.”

The song is called “Canto della Verbena,” a popular folk song in the city usually sung to celebrate local pride.

“It’s a reminder,” said one social media user in response to the video, “that, especially during a tragedy, the human spirit keeps us all going in hope. We shine our best in the darkness. Thank you, Siena. You made my day.”

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