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Dr. Jane Goodall Plans to Plant Five Million Trees by the End of 2020

by Eben Diskin Feb 6, 2020

If planting a tree in the quad for your high school class gift is the most environmentally friendly thing you’ve ever done, watch Dr. Jane Goodall and take note. The famed primatologist is raising the stakes by planning to plant or restore five million trees in 2020, to combat deforestation caused by economic and political endeavours like the cattle and mining industries, among others. Goodall is partnering with the United Nations Environment Program for the 1 Trillion Trees campaign, and encouraging ordinary people like us to get involved.

On the Jane Goodall Institute’s website, she posted a statement that reads, “[1 Trillion Trees] offers innovative technologies which will serve to connect tens of thousands of small and large groups around the world that are engaged in tree planting and forest restoration. Creating this ‘greening global community’, will allow for sharing critically needed funding and best practices — just what is needed to achieve the trillion trees goal in ten years. Toward this [1 Trillion Trees] goal, I am proud to announce that our Roots & Shoots program, which empowers young people in 60 countries, has committed to planting over 5 million new trees over the coming year. Now is the time for everyone on the planet to do their part.”

The Roots & Shoots program encourages young people to become passionate, environmentally aware members of their communities. That includes getting involved at a grassroots level — literally — and planting trees.

Throughout the years, the Jane Goodall Institute has spearheaded programs that have added millions of trees to our ecosystems, and promoted conservation around the world. Goodall might be 85 years old, but that’s not stopping her from continuing to make a positive impact on our environment — now it’s our turn.

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