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Japan May Soon Reopen Its Borders to Four Countries

by Eben Diskin Jun 2, 2020

Japan isn’t lifting its travel ban that started in February just yet, but the nation is considering a system that would allow citizens from some countries to enter before others.

Reuters reported that Japan is considering a “travel bubble” strategy that would permit travelers from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand, four countries with low levels of coronavirus infections, to visit Japan in the next few months.

The “travel bubble” would reportedly focus on business travelers first. They would have to test negative for COVID-19 both upon departure to Japan and at arrival in the country.

But even if those travelers test negative and are allowed in, they won’t be able to roam around Japan freely; they would be restricted to their accommodations, offices, and factories, and would not be allowed to use public transportation.

Japan is not the only country planning a “travel bubble.” New Zealand and Australia are considering allowing international travel between each other, but restricting tourism from everywhere else. The Baltic states have also implemented a similar system, allowing travel between the three countries since May 15.

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