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This Jewelry Store Will Hire You and Your Honey to Travel Across the US to Find the Best Proposal Spots

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by Eben Diskin Jan 30, 2019

Few people regret the place they chose to propose, but it’s truly one moment you can never redo, so you’d better pick the spot well. Robbins Brothers — The Engagement Ring Store wants to make sure couples make that moment as perfect as possible by identifying the best proposal spots in the United States. To do it, it’s looking to hire one couple to travel the country over six months and scout out the best proposal locations. The trip will take place over six different weekends (no need to quit your job for this gig), and encompass six US cities. The couple will be given a budget for travel, accommodations, meals, and activities, and have 48 hours in each city to take notes on the most romantic locations.

Chris Weakley, VP of Marketing for the jewelry company, said in a statement, “We are always looking to elevate the engagement ring shopping experience we offer at Robbins Brothers, and a big part of that is the assistance we offer in planning the perfect proposal.” He added that the company believes the best way to gather new proposal ideas was to “hire a couple to travel together in select cities over a six-month period to uncover the most unique and romantic proposal spots.”

To be eligible, the couple must be active on social media, willing to be photographed and do media interviews, and able to travel at least one weekend per month. While single people will not be disqualified, applicants are encouraged to apply as a couple. Applications will be accepted from now through Valentine’s Day (February 14), with finalists announced on March 7. To apply, fill out the form here.

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