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This Job Will Pay You to Travel the World, but Your Plans Will Be Determined by Social Media Users

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by Eben Diskin Mar 11, 2019

If you’re looking to cross a ton of unforgettable destinations and experiences off your bucket list, this opportunity from Busabout is probably the most efficient way to do it. The travel company is looking for six individuals to travel with it this year, share their experience on their social channels, and get paid for it.

The program is billed as an “experiment” designed to prove that being flexible and spontaneous leads to better travel experiences. And no, the company is not joking when it uses the word “spontaneous”; Your travel experiences will be determined on the fly by votes from Busabout’s 49,000 Instagram followers.

Everything from the type of food you eat to adventurous excursions will be decided for you. To compensate for your lack of free will, all expenses will be fully covered, and you’ll get a bi-weekly payment.

The company needs six content creators — three Instagram pros and three videographers — who are adept at creatively telling a story through social media. It will also accept applications in teams of two, which consist of one Instagram content creator and one videographer.

There are three trips, six to 11 weeks long, with a pair of winners assigned to each. These include a coast-to-coast road trip of the US (6 weeks), a tour of Southeast Asia (6 weeks), and a European adventure (11 weeks).

To apply, fill out the application and upload a creative 60-second YouTube video showcasing your hometown. Include the Great Travel Experiment logo in your thumbnail, and use the hashtags #travelexperiment and #busabout in your description. For bonus points, it asks applicants to post this image on Instagram and write about a destination they’re excited to explore.

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