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Jordan Is Reopening to International Tourism With Strict Requirements

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by Eben Diskin Sep 15, 2020

As of Tuesday, Jordan has officially reopened its borders to international flights after a six-month closure due to the pandemic. International flights are now allowed to depart from and land at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, but actually visiting the country, however, won’t be easy.

A new screening laboratory has been installed at the airport where all inbound passengers will undergo a PCR test. Then, they will be asked to wait two to three hours while their test results come in. All arrivals must fill out a travel declaration form, have valid medical insurance for the duration of their stay that covers COVID-19 treatment, and install the Aman application for contact tracing. The mandatory PCR test costs $56, to be paid online before arrival.

Quarantine requirements vary according to your country’s risk level. The United States is classified as a high-risk “Red” country, meaning US travelers must quarantine for seven days in a government-approved facility, followed by an additional seven days at home or a hotel. They must also wear an electronic tracking bracelet. The list of countries and their classifications can be found online.

Airlines like Emirates and Etihad are resuming flights to Jordan this week, and lodgings around some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, like Wadi Rum and Petra, are reopening. Jordan has been awarded the “Safe Travels” stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council, meaning it’s considered a generally safe place to visit.

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