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This Valentine’s Day, Stay in Juliet’s House in Verona, Italy

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by Eben Diskin Jan 22, 2020

Even if you’ve never read Romeo & Juliet or seen any version of the play, you probably know the gist of the story. If nothing else, you probably recognize the “wherefore art thou Romeo?” line uttered by Juliet from the balcony of her home. Well, this Valentine’s Day, you can act this scene out with your lover by booking a night in the very home thought to be inspiration for that scene. Casa di Giuletta, a 13th-century townhouse in Verona, Italy, is already a museum and tourist attraction, and now it will be available for its first-ever overnight guests on Airbnb this Valentine’s Day.

Although normally the property is rather spare on the interior, it’s been appropriately furnished for the occasion. Candles and flowers adorn the space, and the lucky couple will enjoy the services of a personal butler, eat a private dinner from Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Perbellini, and spend a night in the bed used in the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie. Also included is a private tour of the townhouse and Romeo and Juliet-themed tour of the city.

Giacomo Trovato, general manager for Italy at Airbnb, said, “This stay will give one couple the unique chance to celebrate their love in what is possibly the most romantic home in the history of literature. Juliet’s House is the most important museum in the City of Verona, attracting millions of visitors every year,” added Federico Sboarina, mayor of Verona Municipality. “We are excited to promote our cultural heritage, share traditions that were previously safeguarded, and bring international visibility to the City of Verona.”

To win the coveted stay, write a letter to Juliet via Airbnb describing your love story, and why you and your partner would be the perfect guests. Applications are open from January 21 to 11:59 PM on February 2.

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