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The World’s Largest Man-Made Wave Is Coming to the California Desert

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by Eben Diskin Feb 26, 2020

Waves and desert might sound like polar opposites, but champion surfer Kelly Slater is bringing the two together in a big way. The Kelly Slater Wave Company is taking part in a project to build the world’s largest man-made wave in the California desert, which will let surfers ride a massive open-barrel wave located nowhere near the ocean.

The wave will be located on a 400-acre site in La Quinta, California, at the base of Coral Mountain and will include a resort, private club, dining venues, adventure sports facilities, and residential homes. The wave basin itself will house 18 million gallons of water, accommodating around 25 surfers — five on the main wave and 10 each on smaller waves.

Construction on the wave will start in early 2021 and is slated for completion sometime in 2022.

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