Largest building in the shape of a bird in Kembanglimus, Magelang, Indonesia. It measures approximately 56.41 meters from beak to tail. Photo: Azhar Rosyid Hidayat/Shutterstock

The Largest Thing Found in Each Country, According to Guinness World Records

by Katie Scott Aiton May 6, 2024

While Guinness World Records is widely known for recognizing human achievements and feats of physical prowess, it also celebrates the remarkable scale and grandeur of the natural world, as well as other gigantic things in different countries. And these “things” are truly bizarre. Landmarks such as the largest pyramid in Mexico and the towering Ferris wheel in the United Arab Emirates are well known. But did you know that Sweden is home to the largest ice cream boat, the Dominican Republic holds the record for a tallest glass of mojito, and Indonesia has the biggest building shaped like a bird? Site SizeGraf raked through the Guinness World Records to bring us a list of awards given to each country around the world for big things, and it is as impressive as it is outlandish.

SizeGraf lists enormous things, from gatherings of people to food and animals to competitions, buildings, collections, and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately there are some countries that are yet to step up. Of the 195 countries on the list, 46 do not hold a Guinness World Record for a big thing. Most of these countries are in Africa. SizeGraf had to be somewhat selective with places such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia, that are racing ahead with over 50 records each.

Here are some of the most interesting and bizarre Guinness World Records for the largest things in the world.

Mud volcanoes in Gobustan desert, Baku, Azerbaijan

The largest mud volcano in the world is in Azerbaijan. It measures 0.6 miles across the base and several hundred metres in height. Photo: Denis Sv/Shutterstock

Azerbaijan is home to the world’s largest mud volcano. In fact, the country has nearly 400, which is around half the world’s total. Instead of erupting with magma, mud volcanoes expel a mixture of mud, water, and gases. The largest in Azerbaijan measures over half a mile across the base and reaches several hundred meters in height.

Gereja Ayam is a "prayer house" often referred to as a church in the area of Magelang on the island of Java, Central Java, Indonesia.

Largest building in the shape of a bird in Kembanglimus, Magelang, Indonesia. It measures approximately 56.41 meters from beak to tail. Photo: Azhar Rosyid Hidayat/Shutterstock

Indonesia’s claim to fame is the largest building shaped like a bird. Gereja Ayam in Kembanglimus, Magelang, measures approximately 56.41 meters from beak to tail. This seven-story, 15-room building has had an interesting history, serving as a church, residence, film set, rehabilitation center, and currently, a popular tourist attraction due to its proximity to the Borobodur Temple UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The building was originally designed as a dove, inspired by a message from God received by its Christian builder, Daniel Alamsjah. However, the addition of a crown on the structure’s head gained the nickname “Chicken Church” as it began to resemble a rooster more than a dove.

A wide angle view of the Belize Barrier Reef with colorful coral in the foreground, and fish and blue ocean in the background.

The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve has the largest barrier reef system in the northern hemisphere. Photo: J nel/Shutterstock

The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System holds the title of the largest barrier reef system in the entire northern hemisphere. It stretches over 180 miles along the Caribbean coast of Belize, making it the second-largest coral reef system in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The Belize Barrier Reef is more than just its impressive size. It has an incredible diversity of marine life, with over 500 species of fish, 65 types of hard coral, and countless invertebrates like sponges and crustaceans calling it home.

A bedroom inside the splendid Hotel "Palacio de Sal" at the entrance of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

A bedroom inside the splendid Palacio de Sal hotel in Bolivia the largest salt hotel in the world. Photo: Marco Ramerini/Shutterstock

The Palacio de Sal, meaning “Palace of Salt” in Spanish, is the world’s largest salt hotel. Located near the edge of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s biggest salt flat in Bolivia, this remarkable structure is constructed from over a million salt blocks, weighing a total of 10,000 tonnes. Everything is made from salt, including the walls, floors, furniture, and even the nine-hole golf course.

Here are a few other entries that are not only enormous but bonkers.

  • Algeria — A bowl of couscous
  • Australia — Underwater dance class
  • Bahamas — Gathering of people dressed as merpeople
  • Cameroon — Frog
  • Dominican Republic — A glass of mojito
  • El Salvador — A pretzel
  • France — A condom
  • Greece — A cheese pie
  • Hungary — A menu
  • Kazakhstan — Serving of donuts
  • Liberia — Peacekeeping unit made up of females
  • Maldives — Divorce rate
  • Mexico — Nude photo shoot
  • Norway — Gingerbread man
  • Peru — Guinea pig festival
  • Seychelles — A seed
  • Slovenia — A cave castle
  • Switzerland — Wearable cake dress
  • Thailand — Paper building
  • United States — High heel race
  • Venezuela — Orchestra

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