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Lego Is Making 13,000 Face Visors a Day for Hospital Workers in Denmark

by Eben Diskin Apr 14, 2020

In Denmark, protective masks for medical professionals are coming from an unlikely place. Lego, the Denmark-based toymaker, announced on Instagram that it has started manufacturing protective face visors for the country’s healthcare workers. To accomplish this, Lego made modifications to some of its molding machines. Now, instead of making little yellow people, the machines will make visors with wide transparent plastic covers and handles to protect healthcare workers’ eyes, a portal entry for the virus.

“This week we began to make visors at our factory in Billund for healthcare workers on the frontline in Denmark,” Lego said. “We are so incredibly proud of the team who made this happen. [The team] worked around the clock to create designs and make molds that can produce more than 13,000 visors a day. We are grateful to have such talented, dedicated and caring colleagues.”

Lego is set to produce 13,000 visors a day for the foreseeable future, which should go a long way toward keeping healthcare workers safe in Denmark’s fight against COVID-19.

The toy company has contributed in other ways, too. On March 30, 2020, Lego announced a $50 million donation through the Lego Foundation for children in need, including those under pressure from COVID-19. Today, the company announced that it was donating 500,000 Lego sets to children in need of play.

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