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Get Paid $130,000 to Be a Lighthouse Keeper in the San Francisco Bay

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by Eben Diskin Jan 7, 2019

If your new year’s resolution is to spend less time online or in front of the TV, taking this job might be the perfect way to do it. The keepers of the East Brother Light Station, on a small island off the coast of San Francisco, are looking for a replacement to run the island’s lighthouse and inn. “As much as we would like to call ourselves lighthouse keepers, that’s definitely not in our duties out here,” said Jillian Meeker, who runs the property with Che Rodgers. “We’re responsible for running the operations of the bed and breakfast.” Qualified applicants will be compensated more than fairly, with a $130,000 annual salary.

If you choose to apply, you should be ready to shoulder the responsibility of running every aspect of the inn, including housekeeping, front desk work, bookkeeping, and ferrying guests to and from the island. You should also be prepared to live in an environment that lacks familiar technological comforts — there is no television on the island, or access to Wi-Fi. That hasn’t been an issue for Meeker and Rodgers, however. “Before we came out here,” said Meeker, “we might have been a bit nervous about that. But it hasn’t been a huge hindrance. Boredom is not an issue.”

To replace Meeker and Rodgers, you must be a couple, with at least one person possessing a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license. According to the job requirements, the candidate should also have “high-quality culinary experience and capability.” In addition to the $130,000 salary, the successful applicant will also receive room and board, and should be able to start in mid-April, 2019.

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