Lindsey Vonn’s New Amazon Show Is ‘The Amazing Race’ With Dogs

by Eben Diskin Aug 6, 2020

New TV shows are on hold right now due to COVID-19, but Amazon is gearing up to satisfy audiences’ thirst for travel content during the pandemic. Amazon Studios just ordered a new show resembling The Amazing Race, but where each contestant partners with their dog in pursuit of the $500,000 grand prize. That means the pairs might actually get along.

According to Albert Cheng, Co-Head of Television at Amazon Studios, “The Pack is an uplifting and exhilarating new unscripted series, celebrating one of the most unique and universally recognized relationships we have — between people and their best friends.”

The show will feature 12 teams of dogs and their owners setting off on a globetrotting adventure. The teams will face several challenges designed by certified veterinarians and dog experts, who will also join the teams on their journey to ensure the safety of the canine competitors.

The show will be hosted by Olympic Gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn, accompanied by her dog Lucy. “I have overcome many obstacles in life,” said Vonn, “but one thing that has reigned true during good times and bad has been the love of my dogs. Like many times before, Lucy will be by my side on yet another one of life’s adventures, and I’m excited for everyone to watch and cheer on these incredible contestants and their beloved companions.”

According to a press release the show will debut on Amazon Prime later this year.

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