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Woman Who Climbed Into Lion’s Den at Bronx Zoo for Instagram Faces Trespassing Charges

by Alex Bresler Oct 3, 2019

Zoo visits are all fun and games until someone jumps into the lion enclosure. Over the weekend, a woman hopped the barrier to the lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo, putting herself, zoo staff, and the lions in danger. Thankfully, the incident did not result in injury.

The daredevil has been identified as 32-year-old Brooklyn resident Myah Autry, who was previously arrested for trespassing in West Burlington, Iowa, according to the New York Post. Instagram videos of Autry’s latest stunt show her taunting a lion by waving her arms and dancing around just a few feet away. In her video, she can be heard saying, “I want to get closer to them” while climbing over the barrier. At the time of publishing, the video is still on her Instagram with a lengthy caption claiming, “I REALLY HAVE NO FEAR OF NOTHING.” Autry also posted other videos from the lion’s den incident, along with a video that appears to show her in a giraffe enclosure.

Expectedly, the Bronx Zoo has condemned Autry’s antics, telling CNN, “Barriers and rules are there to keep both visitors, staff, and animals safe. We have a zero-tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers.” Given the ease with which visitors can climb over the barrier, there is some concern that more of these stunts will occur in the future, despite the possibility of injury or death for anyone who enters the enclosure. These incidents could also result in the euthanization of the animal, as anyone who followed the Harambe scandal will remember.

Though no arrests have been made following the incident this Saturday, police are currently looking for Autry, who faces trespassing charges.

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