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Neighborhood in Ireland Enjoys Outdoor Movie Screenings During Lockdown

by Eben Diskin Apr 9, 2020

Traditional movie-going is out of the question in the era of social distancing, but the people of Cork, Ireland, aren’t letting a pandemic keep them from their favorite classic movies.

Scott Dugan, a freelance production manager and resident of Frankfield Villas on Windmill Road in Cork, organized the event. He used a projector to set up an old-fashioned outdoor cinema on the side of a local house. The audio is broadcast on an FM band that residents can tune into.

The first movie night was held on Friday and was so popular that they plan to make it a regular occurrence. The first movie shown was 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Unsurprisingly, residents were very appreciative of the creative effort as it allowed them to share a social experience while still safely practicing social distancing. Even when restrictions are relaxed and life returns to normal, it wouldn’t be surprising if outdoor movie screenings continue to bring the community together.

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