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Win a Stay at This Delicious London Pop-Up Cheese Hotel Suite

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by Eben Diskin Jan 10, 2020

A real cheesehead understands that dinner is just the start of the evening’s cheese experience. London’s Café Rouge restaurant understands it, too, and that’s why it’s opening The Cheese Suite pop-up hotel room experience. Located in Camden, the room is completely cheese-themed, with cheese art, bedding, board games, and, of course, a fridge stocked with cheese.

Café Rouge prides itself on its cheese-filled menu, so the Cheese Suite is a way for guests to continue the cheese experience into the night. According to the website, the suite will be draped from head-to-toe in cheese-themed decor and “includes a cheese hotline delivery service, cheese board games, cheese soap and giant cheese installations — not forgetting cheese boards and crackers galore for our guests to enjoy.”

Yes, a cheese hotline. That means you can just pick up the phone and get cheese delivered straight to your room. The stay also comes with a $65 gift card to Café Rouge.

The room is only available for one night, on February 7, and applications close on January 21. To apply, simply enter your name and email on the Cheese Suite website and answer a single question: “Our famous Croques are topped with béchamel and how many different cheeses?” (You can find the answer on their menu.)

You must be over 18 years old to enter and a resident of the UK or the Channel Islands.

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