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Lufthansa Offering Free Draft Beer From a Keg on Flights to Oktoberfest

by Tim Wenger Sep 18, 2018

Munich’s annual Oktoberfest kicks off this weekend, and if you’re flying in from overseas, that lifelong dream of attending the world’s most famous beer festival just got a whole lot sweeter. In what promises to be the most well-received policy adjustment made by a major airline since the dawn of commercial flying, German airline Lufthansa is adding draft beer to flights headed to Munich from New York, Singapore, and Shanghai as reported by Conde Nast Traveler.

Each flight bound for Munich from those cities will be stocked with licensed Oktoberfest beers for passengers — and the epicness doesn’t stop there. Not only can you raise an in-flight “Prost!” to your seatmates, but it also won’t cost you a penny to do so.

Upon landing in Munich Airport’s famed Terminal 2, all passengers will also be handed a free Oktoberfest welcome gift consisting of a box full of pretzels, gummies shaped like beer steins, and a vitamin drink to keep that hangover from creeping in early. Business class passengers will have the chance to complement their libations with a serving of wiener schnitzel or fried potato dumplings en route thanks to the airline’s customized Oktoberfest menu, which is being rolled out for the duration of the festival.

The airline understands that flying home after a big trip can be quite a drag, so they’ve also decided to keep the party going at the airport on the way out. At each of Lufthansa’s 12 Terminal 2 lounges, female staff dressed in dark blue dirndl dresses and men dawning their knee-length leather lederhosen will wish you Auf Wiedersehen with traditional Oktoberfest fare and even more draft beer prior to your departing flight. Each lounge will be stocked with kegs, pretzels, and meats for passengers to enjoy throughout the month of October — just in case you didn’t indulge quite enough during the festivities.

H/T: Conde Nast Traveler

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