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Mallorca Police Put on an Uplifting Concert for Citizens in Lockdown

by Eben Diskin Mar 23, 2020

Usually, seeing cop cars roll down your street with sirens blaring isn’t a great sign. In Mallorca, Spain, a nationwide lockdown means the streets aren’t currently riddled with crime, but that doesn’t mean police can’t still serve as a calming presence to the community. Local police officers in Mallorca are going viral after footage began circulating of a patrol on a mission to cheer up the neighborhood’s isolated citizens.

The police, in the town of Algaida, drove slowly down a local street before stopping their cars and getting out. One officer broke out a guitar, shouted, “Do you feel like singing with us?” and then started playing the guitar and singing a popular Mallorcan children’s song called “En Joan petit quan balla.”

It didn’t take long for the residents to start singing along, likely grateful for a break from their monotonous self-isolation. And Algaida wasn’t the only town getting special treatment from law enforcement, with Pina and Randa also serenaded by a local patrol.

On March 14 Spain’s government declared a 15-day lockdown, which will likely be extended to April 11. This means that Spain’s citizens will be confined to their homes for at least another three weeks.

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