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This Map of Each State’s Best Local Food Joint Will Help You Plan the Most Delicious Road Trip

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by Eben Diskin Sep 12, 2018

Deciding where to eat can be the most fun aspect of a road trip. Leaving your usual food haunts behind and setting out on the open road, where the dining possibilities are nearly endless, can be truly exciting. But it can also be super stressful, especially when it’s been eight hours since your last meal, and your itinerary isn’t dotted with five-star restaurants. Thankfully, Orbitz has compiled a helpful guide for road trippers to sample the best local food along their route, no matter where they’re going.

From cider donuts in Michigan, gumbo in Louisiana, and fish tacos in California, the Ultimate Foodie Road Trip maps each state’s best local fare, and where to find it. The map already has a route charted between prime dining destinations, taking you to all four corners of the country and everywhere in between. But if you want to chart your own food journey, you can — just choose which recommendations look most appetizing, and plan your trip accordingly.

If you follow the Orbitz guide exactly, you’ll be driving through 48 states, hitting at least one epic food stop in each one. While you might not be a certified culinary expert by the end, you’ll have some pretty impressive knowledge on a wide range of local fare from all around the nation.

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