Mapped: These Are the Countries With the Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Dec 1, 2017

With 1,073 UNESCO sites spread across every continent, the World Heritage explorer has a lot of variety to choose from. In a very handy map, Skypark Secure listed where each of these sites are around the world. They also broke the sites down into the UNESCO designation categories of “cultural”, “natural”, and “mixed” significance.

So if you are a world traveler trying to see the most UNESCO sites you can (they do tend to be awesome), it’s not a bad idea to go backpacking in western Europe or on a road trip across China. That being said, it is seriously time for UNESCO to add more sites to its list that aren’t in Europe or China. While the UN extended protection to 23 new sites in 2017, five(!) of them are located in Europe. That’s more than were added in South America and Africa combined. Just saying.

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