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Mapped: The Countries With the Worst Drinking and Driving Statistics

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by Henry Miller Dec 8, 2017

There are few tragedies as common and overlooked as deaths from drunk driving. While the gun debate has raged on for years, the debate on how to reduce fatalities caused by drunk drivers is usually given a backseat. This could be because society as a whole has agreed for a long time that drunk driving is bad, so we believe that the problem must have been taken care of. Yet 10,265 Americans died from alcohol-related driving in 2015, compared to the 9,600 gun-related homicides in the US that year (gun-related suicides drives that number up to 38,000).

The map below, provided by Budget Direct, shows the percentage of traffic deaths due to drunk driving worldwide. As you can see, the US isn’t exactly in great standing. So until fully-autonomous vehicles get here (which could be sooner than you think), let’s not forget that the drunk driving is still a deadly problem.

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