Mapped: All the US Mass Shootings Since Sandy Hook

Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Oct 5, 2017

There’s no need to repeat what everyone knows. This past weekend, it happened again, and it happens more often than we think. That’s at least the feeling we get after visiting Gun Violence Archive, a site that tracks and registers gun violence related events since 2013. One of their categories is mass shooting: events in which at least 4 people were shot at the same general time and location not including the shooter. This data can be viewed on a series of maps.

This one, for example, shows the 274 mass shootings that have taken place so far in 2017:

This other one was created by Vox using Gun Violence Archive as a source: the mass shootings that have been counted by the Gun Violence Archive since 2013, after the Sandy Hook shooting. 1,518 mass shootings, with at least 1,715 people killed and 6,089 wounded.

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