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Mapped: The Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in the US

United States Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Feb 15, 2018

American cities have been described as the “melting pots” for the nation of immigrants for over a century, with New York standing out as the supreme example. But what other US cities are diverse enough to fit this category? It would be understandable to assume that coastal cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami Beach sit at the top of the heap. Yet America’s long history of racism, internal migration, and industrialization make urban diversity a more complicated trail to follow across the country.

A new study from Wallet Hub took a snapshot of the linguistic, ethnic, and country of origin diversity of 500 cities. While the northern Midwest and Appalachian states are uniquely homogenous, you can find a top-100 city in just about every other region in the country.

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