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Mapped: Where to Move in the US if You Are Looking to Get More Sleep

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by Henry Miller Jan 4, 2018

If you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, you are not alone. So do I. And so do vast swaths of Americans across the country, it turns out.

According to research by Amerisleep, more than two thirds of us are unable to fall asleep thanks to having a “busy mind.” While having a President who tweets about the possibility of thermonuclear warfare can’t help, the thoughts that keep us awake most often are mainly concerns about the next day and random nonsense that only pops up when nothing else is going on. Amerisleep’s research suggests that our obsession with addictive TV shows, movies, and social media is also eating up our resting hours.

So, how can we get more and better sleep every night? Well, it might help to move out of the Northeast and South, where the highest percentages of residents report getting less than seven hours of sleep every night. Also, meditation during the day and switching to being a morning bird will do you big favors. Unfortunately, none of these aids make the threat of nuclear winter any less anxiety-inducing, so you should also consider unplugging yourself from Twitter. And Facebook. And the Internet. Maybe just go be a hermit in the Montana Rockies.

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