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Meet the First Man to Walk 14,000 Miles From Argentina to Alaska

by Eben Diskin Jun 28, 2018

Next time you’re too lazy to leave the recliner to grab a beer from the refrigerator, remember that this guy walked 14,181 miles from Argentina to Alaska… just for the hell of it. Fifty-eight-year-old Holly “Cargo” Harrison just completed his cross-continental trek from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. But it was no walk in the park. On his journey through several harsh climates, Harrison suffered a heart attack, tore a tendon, fought off a grizzly bear, and still made the trip in just 530 days. Did the torn tendon give him a convenient excuse to quit? Nope. He just walked the last 1,000 miles on crutches.

To prepare for the journey, the ex-Army Ranger walked 27 miles a day for over a year. Clearly, it paid off. And how does Harrison feel now that he’s completed the trek of a lifetime? “My body is going to be so relieved and so happy to be done,” he told Today, “but every other part of me, you know, is going to be a little bit sad.”

With the completion of the trip, Harrison will have the distinction of being the first man to ever walk the length of the Western Hemisphere. When asked why, Harrison told Today, “because no one’s ever done it. And there are few things left in the world that no one’s ever done.”

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