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This Miami Hotel Offers a 'Beer Concierge' Brewery Tour Service for Guests

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by Elisabeth Sherman Jun 6, 2022

A vacation in a new city often necessitates going out for drinks with friends. If you’re the type of person who researches vacation destinations based on how many breweries are in the city you want to visit, you probably also know that you can spend all day hopping from brewery to brewery, sampling flights of craft beer. But planning such an excursion can be tricky. Should you rent a car? And if you do, who is the unlucky friend who has to be the designated driver?  If you’re going to Miami, you might not have to worry so much: The Gabriel Miami just launched a new service called the Beer Concierge, which shuttles hotel guests around on brewery tours.

The Beer Concierge is a partnership with Miami Brew Bus, a tour company which operates out of a vintage VW van and aims to introduce newcomers to the city’s vibrant craft beer scene, which really started to boom around 2014.

Miami Brew Bus offers three packages. Each tour stops at three breweries spread out in different Miami neighborhoods, including the Dogfish Head Brewery, Unbranded Brewing Co., and Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. The tours lasts about four and half hours – giving you plenty of time to sip your beers at a leisurely pace. However, it’s the Avenues to Ales tour specifically that starts at the The Gabriel Miami.

Each tour costs $97. Guests get snacks and water on board, and when you start to crave a more substantial meal, most breweries host food trucks just outside their doors. The ticket also includes a tour of the brewery and some inside information into the brewing process. Typically, tour groups are a minimum of six people and smaller groups can specify the are open to taking the tour with other hotel guests when they make their reservation.

The Beer Concierge tours are led by A.T. Milton, who not only owns the company and drives the bus but provides guests with insight into what beers to try and how to pair them with food. You’ll get one pint at each brewery on the house – any additional beer you’ll have to purchase yourself (and guests are encouraged to bring along their own growlers). But feel free to indulge: Guests don’t have to worry about hitching a safe ride – the bus will pick them up and drop them off right at the hotel.

The Beer Concierge is the perfect treat for a birthday or bachelor or bachelorette party – or for all you beer enthusiasts, it could be just a normal afternoon out with friends. You can book a tour through the Miami Brew Bus website.

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