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Michelob ULTRA Will Pay Someone $50K to Take an Epic US National Park Trip

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by Eben Diskin Sep 18, 2020

Drinking and driving is bad, but driving around the country at the behest of a beer company is good. Michelob ULTRA is launching a search for a Chief Exploration Officer (CEO), which comes with the enviable duty of traveling the country to explore the US’s most beautiful national parks. Oh yeah, and you get paid $50,000 to do it.

The Pure Gold CEO will be given a fully equipped campervan, gas money, and enough beer to keep you hydrated during the off days. You’ll also get to bring a guest so you’re not just sadly knocking back beers in the hotel by yourself. If selected, you can expect to spend six months on the road exploring national parks and other beautiful, iconic sites across the country.

According to the job posting, the ideal candidate “has an affinity for outdoor/nature photography and/or videography. Has deep appreciation for the joy that connecting with nature brings. [Is]
willing and able to hike through national parks and other outdoor areas.” And must be 21 years old or more.

You will also be encouraged to take pictures and videos of your experience to be shared on Michelo ULTRA’s social media accounts.

To apply, just fill out the online form, write briefly about your personal story, and share photos showing your nature photography skills with the #PureGoldCEO hashtag.

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