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The Most Popular Museum in (Almost) Every Country in the World

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by Olivia Harden Apr 25, 2022

Museums are a great way to understand the culture of your new environment, whether that be from a historical, artistic, or scientific perspective. But with so many choices in pretty much every major city and only a limited amount of time in a destination, you may want to prioritize the most prominent museums instead of trying to hit every single one. For that, the cruise company Cruise Croatia conducted a study to find the most popular museum in every country worldwide.

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Europe is known for having amazing museums across the continent. The Lourve in France racking up 72,000 searches may seem like an intimidating choice, but you can definitely make the best out of it in just one day. Even with the popular choice of the Museo Del Prado in Spain with 121,000 monthly searches, the Tate Modern in the UK is the most searched-for museum in Europe with 260,000 monthly searches.

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In North America, the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City is the second most popular museum with 60,000 monthly searches. Even from the outside, the Soumaya is stunning with its shiny and curved metal architecture. The 170,000-square-foot museum is completely free, showing off over 66,000 Latin American and European pieces. But the most popular museum in all of North America — and the entire world — is The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York racking up 770,000 monthly searches. The museum itself is huge, priding itself as the largest art museum in the entire Western Hemisphere with more than two million works in its permanent collection.

Photo: Cruise Croatia

Photo: Cruise Croatia

The most popular museum on every continent

  • North America: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • South America: Museu do Amanhã, Brazil
  • Europe: Tate Modern, United Kingdom
  • Africa: The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Egypt
  • Asia: Ghibli Museum, Japan
  • Oceania: Melbourne Museum, Australia

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To find the most popular museum in every country, Cruise Croatia used the SEO tool Ahref and searched for the word “museum” in every country with data available. The museum with the highest search volume showed how many times per month, on average, people search for the target keyword across the country and was then named the most popular museum in that country.

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