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Museums and Tourist Attractions Closed Due to Coronavirus Reopen in Italy

by Eben Diskin Mar 2, 2020

After several public buildings, museums, and businesses in Milan and other cities in northern Italy were closed last week due to a severe increase in cases of the coronavirus in the region, life is slowly going back to normal as of this Monday, March 2.

Establishments in the provinces of Lombardy and Veneto, including Milan’s museums and tourist attractions like the Duomo, are reopening.

Visitors are, however, being encouraged to comply with the the Ministry of Health’s recommendations for staying safe during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes staying at least three feet away from others, particularly at ticket counters and gift shops, and new capacity limits and ticketing systems may be enforced depending on traffic.

Last week, the annual Venice Carnival, Milan Fashion Week, and sporting events were cut short or canceled.

Eleven towns in the two provinces of Lombardy and Veneto are still on lockdown.

Florence, south of the center of the outbreak in Italy, however, chose not to close any of its museums. To encourage its citizens to overcome coronavirus fears, the city will instead be offering free entry to its civic museums from March 6 to 8, 2020.

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