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These 9 Nashville Food Trucks Are Making Some of the Best Food in the City

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Photo: Connie Santilli
Elisabeth Sherman
Apr 13, 2022

If there’s one dish that comes to mind when people think of Nashville, it’s probably hot chicken. But to think that that’s the only food Nashville does well is shortsighted. The food scene in the Music City is diverse and reflects a city full of surprising flavors, and Nashville’s food trucks are some of the best ways to experience the many cuisines in the city.

From modern Mexican dishes to classic Colombian empanadas, and from Nashville-style barbecue to Southeast Asian fried chicken, there is food for nearly every palate and craving among these roving restaurants. Nashville food trucks are always on the move, so for newcomers who aren’t familiar with the city, tracking each one down might prove challenging. Still, it’s worth it to make a day out of hitting up a few of these Nashville food trucks. Here, you’ll find links to the full location schedule for each truck mentioned.

These are nine of the most popular Nashville food trucks to try on your next visit, along with where to find them and what to order.

Retro Sno

Shaved ice topped with candy or fresh fruit and flavored with syrups like cherry, pineapple, raspberry, and tart grape.

What to order: “Stuffed snowball” in Dreamsicle, an orange vanilla snowball topped with whipped cream and stuffed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with a orange slice

Where to find it: Retro Sno schedule

Roscoe’s Smoked Barbecue

Nachos, ribs, sandwiches, and barbecue sides like mac and cheese and baked beans.

What to order: Roscoe’s Big Boy sandwich (pulled pork topped with coleslaw and and barbecue sauce) and smoked pork ribs

Where to find it: Roscoe’s Smoked Barbecue on Street Food Finder

Laovin It

Southeast Asian soups, curry, fried rice, fried chicken, and more.


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What to order: Spicy sticky chicken wings, pork sausage seasoned with chili peppers and lemongrass, sticky rice, and spicy tam papaya salad

Where to find it: Laovin It schedule 

Steaming Goat

Steamed sandwiches with ingredients like pulled pork or corned beef brisket, steamed in chicken or veggie stock.

What to order: The Titan – smoked sausage and cheddar jack, steamed with beef stock, and  topped with spinach, peppers, onions, barbecue sauce and chipotle cream

Where to find it: Steaming Goat schedule 

Yayo’s OMG

Vintage Mexican cuisine with a modern twist created chef Yayo Jimenez.


Photo: Yayo’s OMG

What to order

Mahi Mahi and “Legend” (brisket, chorizo, and chicharron) tacos.

Where to find it: Yayo’s OMG schedule 


Latin and Asian fusion cuisine made from ingredients sourced from local farmers.

What to order: Coconut bang-bang bowl, Asian barbecue taco

Where to find it: Califarmia schedule

Hibachi Jr.

Soba noodles, fried rice, hibachi shrimp, scallops, steak, Teriyaki chicken, and more.

What to order: Crab rangoon and hibachi filet mignon

Where to find it: Hibachi Jr. Twitter


Colombian empanada, yuca fries, plantain chips, and other small bites.


Photo: Courtesy Chivanada

What to order: Champiñones (shiitake, portobello, soy protein, mole, vegan cheese), chocolate and cheese (semi-sweet chocolate, gouda cheese), and lenteja (refried lentils, brown butter, smoked paprika, gouda cheese) empanadas

Where to find it: Chivanada schedule

The Saguaro Shack

Tacos, tamales, and quesadillas.


Photo: Courtesy Saguaro Shack

What to order: Carne asada fries, churro bites, potato adobe tamale, fried potato taco

Where to find it: The Saguaro Shack Instagram 

The Grilled Cheeserie

Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches featuring elevated ingredients like jalapeño relish, bleu cheese crumble, roasted artichokes, roasted turkey, and pimento cheese made in-house.

What to order: Spinach and Artichoke – swiss, roasted artichokes, housemade white wine parmesan spinach dip with leeks on rosemary garlic bread with a parmesan crust

Where to find it: The Grilled Cheeserie schedule 

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