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Nervous About Flying Again? Joe Jonas Wants to Lend You His Hand.

by Olivia Harden May 5, 2021

Expedia and Joe Jonas have partnered up to lend travelers a helping hand — literally.

Expedia released its Travels Companion Report 2021 this week, which found that 80 percent of Americans feel anxious about booking international trips while 60 percent admitted to needing a helping hand because of COVID-19 guidelines. In response, Expedia decided that the best way to show its customers that it’s committed to providing the extra help Americans need is by partnering up with Joe Jonas and creating 3D-printed copies of the Jonas Brothers superstar’s hand.

Each hand was created using a 3D printer and “stereolithography technology” and has been individually painted with custom artwork, then numbered and signed by Jonas himself. But the artwork is limited edition; only 250 of them will be sent out to customers while supplies last.

joe jonas expedia hand, joe jonas hand replica

Photo: Expedia

“I’ve spent so much of my life on the road — touring the world and playing in virtually every major city,” Jonas said in a press statement. “Traveling has always been a personal passion for me, but after more than a year spent at home, I am eager to get back out there.”

“I’m excited to team up with [Expedia] to help people feel confident about traveling the world again, whenever they’re ready, by lending a helping hand: one that supports travelers at every step of the way,” Jonas continued. “Because let’s face it — it matters who you travel with.”

With the Helping Hand campaign, Expedia is pledging to help customers find flexible travel plans, check to see if properties follow their COVID-19 travel smart checklist, create a more comprehensive and easy-to-read platform, and provide more straightforward ways to earn Expedia Rewards.

Expedia is also donating $100,000 to Mercy Corps, a charity providing emergency supplies, food, clean water and support to communities most affected by the pandemic.

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