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Boston's New England Aquarium Accepts 38-Year-Old Admission Ticket

by Jori Ayers Jun 16, 2021

The New England Aquarium in Boston is making good on its promises — even the ones they made nearly 40 years ago.

A ticket that was purchased in 1983 and saved ever since stated, “This ticket is good for admission any time in the future,” and indeed it was.

Catherine Cappiello and her partner took a trip to the New England Aquarium in November of 1983, but because the pair arrived later in the day, they received a “Late Gate Ticket.” Thirty-eight years later, Cappiello’s niece Rachel Carle took them up on that offer.

“We honor each valid admission ticket, and this was one,” said Aquarium President and CEO Vikki Spruill.“Forty years is a long time to be carrying that ticket around, and we’re so glad she did,” the Boston Herald reported.

On Thursday, June 10, Rachel Clare tweeted, “Some feel-good news: My great aunt kept this ticket in her wallet for ~40 years and gave it to me when I moved to Boston. Today the New England Aquarium honored it as my admission ticket. Thank you @NEAQ staff for being so sweet and having a laugh with me!”

The late gate tickets were discontinued over 25 years ago, but the ticket desk still sees about one of them a year, the Associated Press explained.

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