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This New Eco-Friendly Resort in Belize Will Have a Secret Beach and a Private Island

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by Olivia Harden Sep 15, 2021

With the convenience of being just a couple of hours from the US, the amazing Central American culture, and the turquoise water abundant with fish and other animals, Belize is worth putting on your bucket list. And luckily enough, Six Senses, a hotel brand that centers on wellness and sustainability, is opening a Belize location, finished with a secret beach and private island.

The property is almost two miles long and will be split into two parts. It will house 45 villas and a few residences, along the gorgeous 18-acre beach Ambergris Caye. Five minutes by boat, (or you can even swim) is the private island where you’ll find secluded overwater bungalows, the spa, and other wellness facilities. Plans include organic gardens, a food market, a second pool, an overwater restaurant, and even a teen’s club. The Secret Beach will host watersports, a dive center, and a marine discovery section.

Six Sense Belize

Photo: Six Senses

“Throughout, the emphasis has been placed on sensitive integration of landscaping to connect guests with nature and allow for greater privacy and coveted ‘desert island’ appeal,” said Chief Executive Officer Neil Jacobs in a press release. “We’ve drawn inspiration from local craft and Belizean life, capturing the spirit and history of Mayan architecture and local heritage. Everything has been done to embody a new generation of travelers, eager to make memories, while preserving the island for future generations.”

Six Senses Belize, resort

Photo: Six Senses

Six Senses has prioritized respecting the nature surrounding the property. It plans to protect the wetlands and mangrove forests, and the existing flora and fauna by making it a natural preservation area. The property will use renewable wood and passive solar strategies to lower the environmental impact, including solar panels for energy efficiency. The Green roof areas will be used for insulation. The company promises to leave the vegetation along the beach intact and hopes to re-vegetate red mangroves and plant species to preserve the beach and encourage biodiversity.

Six Senses Belize plans to open in 2025. And with a flight time of just an hour and a half from Miami, the island nation is definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

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