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New Yorkers Will Belt Out ‘New York, New York’ From Their Windows and Balconies Tonight

by Eben Diskin Apr 16, 2020

Singing during quarantine is not a new development, but if every New Yorker turns out for this planned singalong tonight, it’ll certainly be a spectacle unlike any other. This evening, New Yorkers plan to come together in song, belting out a number Yankees fans are quite familiar with — Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

The event, which is being dubbed “New York Sings Along” will be led by the Peace of Heart Choir, and everyone’s invited. The singalong will take place promptly at 7:02 PM, directly following the nightly round of applause for the city’s healthcare workers.

Andrew Dykeman, co-chairman of the choir, said in a statement, “Today, our communities are disrupted — we cannot gather as we normally do to rehearse and perform, talk and discuss, drink, eat, practice yoga, meditation, exercise, or even work. At the same time, while so many of us are sheltering in place, others New Yorkers tirelessly fight the global pandemic and help maintain essential services, laboring in the city’s hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, bodegas, subways and buses, and more.”

To join in, go to the event’s Facebook page or tune into WKCR (89.9FM) or WBAI (99.5) for a livestream. Then just lean out your window or stand on your balcony, and do your best Sinatra impression.

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