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New Zealand Is Sick of Your Cliche Travel Photos and Wants You to Get Creative

New Zealand News
by Eben Diskin Jan 28, 2021

We’ve all grown a bit tired of seeing the same exact travel photos on social media, especially in the world’s most picturesque destinations. Well, New Zealand is sick of it too. That’s why they’re launching a new tourism campaign designed specifically to encourage travelers to get more creative with their photography and stop copying pictures they see online.

To promote this message, the tourism board released a video starring comedian Tom Sainsbury as a member of the “Social Observation Squad.” He follows tourists to some of New Zealand’s most notable landscapes and urges them to get a little more creative.

Sainsbury says in the video, “”I’ve been alerted to a situation that’s been happening a lot lately. People have been seeing those photos on social media, and they’re going to great lengths to copy them. You know them. Hot tub back shot. Man sits quietly on the rock contemplating. Hot dog legs.”

The initiative is part of the New Zealand tourist board’s broader “Do Something New” campaign, which encourages travelers to find unique ways to experience New Zealand and express themselves. And since the country’s borders are closed to most international travelers right now due to COVID-19, you have plenty of time to brainstorm creative photos before your next trip.

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