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Norway’s Prime Minister Holds a Coronavirus Press Conference Just for Children

by Eben Diskin Mar 18, 2020

Erna Solberg, Norway’s prime minister, held a press conference on Monday banning adult journalists. Instead, only children were allowed into the room, with the aim of reassuring the nation’s youth about the coronavirus crisis. Solberg and two other ministers answered dozens of questions from school children around Norway, following the example of Denmark’s prime minister who had done the same thing three days earlier.

Ten-year-old Amalie and eight-year-old Rebekka asked, “Dear prime minister, what are you doing to boost your immune system?” She answered, “I try to sleep enough. It doesn’t mean I sleep as much as teenagers do but I am pretty good at sleeping when I’m free.”

Last Thursday Norway closed its schools for two weeks, so children have been finding themselves in an unfamiliar situation.

Another student asked, “Why am I not allowed to celebrate my birthday?” to which Solberg answered, “If somebody has a birthday in the class, everybody should ring them and sing happy birthday!”

Solberg stressed that it’s okay to be a bit scared, but to make sure to practice healthy sleeping habits, eat a balanced diet, and seek homeschooling.

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