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NYC Launches Campaign to Help Chinatown Businesses Hurt by Coronavirus Fears

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by Eben Diskin Feb 13, 2020

New York City might not be home to any coronavirus cases, but Chinatown is feeling the negative effect of the safety concerns that surround the disease nonetheless. Unfounded fears of catching the virus have steered tourists away from the area, which has dealt a serious economic blow to a community that depends on visitors frequenting its stores and restaurants. So, NYC is launching a campaign to promote Chinatown and drive tourism dollars to the neighborhood.

The “Show Some Love to Chinatown” campaign will encourage people to purchase meals or items from local businesses, and take photos at the Baxter Street Triangle to qualify for a Valentine’s Day-themed raffle.

Gregg Bishop, Department of Small Business Services commissioner, said, “We want to make sure New Yorkers know that they can come out and support all these small businesses, because they are the backbone of the city’s economy.”

It’s important to remember that although the virus originated in Wuhan, China, Chinese neighborhoods in the US are no more dangerous than any other.

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