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Meet Li’l Sebastian at This ‘Parks and Recreation’ Pop-Up Bar

Chicago News Entertainment
by Tim Wenger Aug 26, 2019

Loyal fans of Parks and Recreation are in a for a (late) treat. Although the show ended four years ago, a pop-up bar dedicated to the comedy series is headed to Chicago.

Complete with Andy’s shoe-shine stand, the pit, and maybe even a special appearance by Li’l Sebastian, Chicago arcade bar Replay Lincoln Park will turn its space into a Parks and Rec mock-up of Pawnee, Indiana, starting August 30 until October 20.

If you visit, you can sip a drink at the World’s Smallest Park and enjoy a breakfast buffet happy hour at The Glitter Factory, Tom Haverford’s favorite strip club. There’s never been a better way to treat yo self, especially if you catch a Mouse Rat performance or attend one of the fun events planned, like the Harvest Festival.

While we can’t guarantee that Amy Poehler or one of Leslie Knope’s political heroes, like Michelle Obama, will be making appearances, we’re trying to channel positive energy. We’re pretty confident that Nick Offerman will be parked in the corner sipping whiskey, most likely with a chainsaw by his side. At the very least, if you missed your chance to donate to Leslie’s City Council campaign the first time around, the Replay’s tip jar can serve as your redemption.

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