Photo: Dino Antigua Karganilla via Cielo Villaluna’s Facebook Page/Facebook

Philippine Airlines Cabin Crew Helped Passenger Give Birth Mid-Flight

by Eben Diskin Jun 8, 2020

Flight attendants have to deal with a lot of situations that aren’t exactly part of the job description. Between rowdy passengers and unattended children, flight attendants are asked to serve as bouncer and babysitter, all while they carry out their regular duties. Now, you can add delivery room doctor to that list. Over the weekend, flight attendants on a Philippine Airlines flight helped deliver a baby aboard a repatriation flight from Dubai to Manila.

Guided by a doctor via satellite phone, the cabin crew helped birth a baby boy at 30,000 feet. Decked out in personal protective equipment, the flight attendants turned a nerve-wracking and potentially dangerous experience into a memorable moment.

Following the successful and unconventional birth, the cabin crew posed with the mother and newborn boy for photos.

Cielo Villaluna, a spokesperson for Philippine Airlines, said of the flight attendants’ teamwork and preparedness, “This was the winning formula which enabled the cabin crew team of a PAL Manila-bound flight from Dubai (PR659/June6) to successfully bring into this world a healthy baby boy. PAL crew is trained to deal with these inflight moments. An extraordinary situation.”

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