Photo: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock

A Pilot Messaged a Passenger on Grindr Mid-Flight

by Eben Diskin Nov 27, 2018

As airplane passengers, we all want to believe that our pilots are glued to the controls, taking safety precautions, and doing everything in their power to ensure a smooth, incident-free flight. We’re pretty sure they do that, but we also know that they chat among themselves, joke around, and, apparently even pass the time by checking out dating apps.

Passenger JP received a message on Grindr during his recent flight to Chicago, but it wasn’t from a fellow passenger — it was from one of the pilots who thought he’d try his hand at in-flight flirtation. JP tweeted the screenshot here.

So, if you’re looking for romance, know that you can find it everywhere, even 30,000 feet in the air — but you’ll need to purchase the in-flight Wi-Fi.

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