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Travel to This Pop-Up Bar in the North Pole and Win Free Gin for Life

by Eben Diskin Apr 15, 2019

Arctic Blue Gin is giving away free gin for life to anyone who can reach their new pop-up bar location. Sounds easy enough, until you realize that the pop-up is in the North Pole. For one day only, on April 17, the Finnish gin company is setting up an “Arctic Bar” in the literal North Pole, so you have to be a pretty intrepid traveler — or a very motivated gin-hound — to win the prize. The “Arctic Bar” will be the northernmost bar in the world, temporarily beating out the bar at Hotel Tulpan in Svalbard.

Arctic Blue Gin co-founder Mikko Spoof, photographers Poppis Suomela and Valtteri Hirvonen, and director Orso Tiainen will be making the initial trek to the location with a cargo of gin. In a statement, Spoof said, “To survive here, you need to be a little mad, and quite a lot tougher. Just like the wild bilberries we season our gin with that fight their way through the frozen earth just to survive. It’s not easy, but you can truly taste their zest for life.” He goes on to explain that anyone who does reach the North Pole bar will “enjoy free gin during the pop-up day and even better than that: they will get a lifetime supply of Arctic Blue Gin delivered on their front door.”

You probably won’t find the Arctic Bar on your iPhone GPS. Your best bet is to set your coordinates to N90°E0°, layer up, try not to freeze to death, and imagine the treasure trove of free gin at the finish line.

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