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The Destinations Getting More Popular Among Holiday Travelers

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by Henry Miller Dec 8, 2017

Almost a third of Americans travel during the holiday season, but not all of them visit friends and family. In fact, a lot of us are escaping family and cold weather altogether with trips to places like Cancun and the Bahamas, and some are taking the time off work to visit new places even farther abroad, like Cape Verde. But the map of international destinations drawing the most holiday travelers has changed a lot over the last decade, according to new research by TrueLuxury.Travel.

The site used Google Trends to put together this fascinating infographic about the places that have gotten more or less popular as holiday destinations since 2004. For example, searches for holiday visits Cape Verde have skyrocketed by 3,000%, perhaps as a result of new direct flights from London. Meanwhile, countries that experienced political unrest during the Arab Spring in 2011 saw a dramatic decrease in the number of people interested in visiting during the holidays. Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia each saw a decrease above 89%. This is pretty useful information if you are looking not only for a holiday abroad, but also a holiday away from other holiday travelers.

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