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Portugal Will Not Be Welcoming US Travelers After All

by Eben Diskin Jun 25, 2020

As it seems increasingly likely that United States citizens will be barred from entering Europe for the foreseeable future, Portugal has been a ray of hope. A few weeks ago, the country announced that it would be opening its borders to international tourism in June, and suggested that US citizens would be allowed in without the need to quarantine. Since then, however, the true state of affairs has become clearer. Along with the rest of Europe, Portugal’s external borders are closed until June 30 and will only open if the US shows Portugal the same courtesy.

While Portugal does seem more willing to welcome US travelers than its European neighbors, the country is operating on the principle of reciprocity. That means that, in theory, US citizens could travel to Portugal on July 1 without the need to quarantine, but only if the US allows Portugese citizens to travel to the US without any restrictions.

In a statement from the Portugese government obtained by Travel Off Path, the rules state that while flights to the US, UK, Canada, and Brazil resumed on June 15, those citizens would only be allowed into Portugal with no restrictions if those countries showed reciprocity to Portugese citizens.

The details are still somewhat vague, and the situation is changing daily, but for now it looks like travel to Portugal is not yet in the cards.

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