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Australian Cafe Reportedly Sold a Pot Brownie to a Family and the Kids Were Not Alright

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by Eben Diskin Jul 2, 2019

There is some pretty sketchy stuff going down at the Bada Bing cafe in Perth, Australia. A family of four were allegedly sold a pot brownie at the cafe, which the mother and her two children, aged three and five, shared.

After eating parts of the brownie, the two children began feeling ill with tachycardia and nausea, and acting strangely, so the family sought medical help.

According to Perth Now, the mother also experienced symptoms while at the hospital, including tiredness, hallucinations, and jerky movements. Urine tests confirmed the presence of THC in the mother and her two children.

Shortly after the incident, the father purchased another brownie from the same cafe, curious if it would also contain THC or if this incident was a fluke. He stored it in the freezer until police could examine it, and sure enough, it did test positive for components of marijuana.

How exactly the pot ended up in two brownies, or how the brownies made their way into the cafe, is still unclear. The cafe’s owners have been charged with two counts of selling unsuitable food.

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