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Frequent Travelers Are Sharing the One Product That Makes Travel Easier

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by Olivia Harden Jul 27, 2022

When you start traveling often, you tend to develop a routine. You understand what suitcase works best, what you need and don’t need to pack, whether you’re a roller or a folder, and more. And it’s incredible when you discover a product that, once you start using it, you have no idea how you lived without it. A Redditor started a thread asking what favorite products makes travel easier, and you might find yourself on Amazon shortly.

Things that make packing easier

1. ”This packing list. It is so comprehensive and detailed. I travel a lot, and still use it every time to make sure I don’t forget anything.” – u/Boston_Jayhawk

2. “I’d add my spinner carry on bag. I use it for all trips and it’s commonly my only bag. It’s easy to carry up stairs and just as easy to push through an airport. It’s worth paying for decent quality luggage!” – u/SF-guy83

3. “Weekender bag with trolley sleeve to slip over my carryon, run through the airport or down a cobblestone street, and not lose it. I spent years googling ‘bag with strap to slip over carryon’ without luck until i learned the words TROLLEY SLEEVE. The carryon goes in the overhead bin, the weekender bag goes under the seat, has my electronics, headphones, water bottle, snacks.” — u/Previous-Atmosphere6

4. “Shampoo and conditioner bars. Being solids, there’s no limits on the amount you can bring on a plane and a fresh bar can last two months or more so you can be sure not to run out. Plus a solid can’t leak and get all over everything. Same thing with tubeless toothpaste. They come as tablets so there’s no limits and one small container is like 4 months worth of toothpaste so you won’t run out.” — u/Sir_Meliodas_92

Things that make flying better

5. “Good backpack, gadget bag, Bluetooth adapter for airplane tv screen.” — u/bluenose_droptop

6. “A good set of noise cancelling headphones. They completely change flights by cutting out the engine noise and the people noise.” — u/BeefBurritoed

7.” [TSA Precheck] is the best $85 I think I’ve ever spent on travel. Extra sleep for early flights, don’t have to take my shoes off, don’t have to take my laptop out. I think the longest I’ve ever taken in security since I got it is like 25 minutes in Atlanta during a holiday weekend.” – u/titanic_trash

8. “Laceless shoes for flying or anywhere else you need to take em off.” — u/SeaWolf24

Things to help you travel safely

9. “My wife uses a purse from pacsafe. It has stainless steel wire in the sling and a stainless steel mesh between the layers of the bag. It makes slashing your purse or strap near impossible. Nice for traveling where pick pockets and thieves are.” – u/Joeb_Lowe

10. “The VAULTZ accessories pouch with the steel tether. I put in my cell phone, cash and card when I go to beach locations and strap it to the umbrella or chair. This way, I don’t have to take my phone into the ocean in one of those plastic fanny packs or lanyards and a thief would have to literally steal the chair or umbrella unless they had steel cutters.” — u//Ednaelle

11. “My wife bought a ridesafer vest for a recent trip and it was soooo much better than carrying around a huge car seat. You’ll have to wait till your little one is at least 35lbs though. And it’s only certified in a few countries so far.” — u/chaos_m3thod

Technology that makes travel easier

12.” [An Amazon Fire Stick that] you attach to a TV so you can use streaming apps. We stayed at a couple of hotels/Airbnbs that didn’t have smart TVs rendering the TVs useless for us. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal cuz you’re traveling, why would you need TV? But winding down after a long day of sightseeing, we really wanted to be able to watch Netflix.” – u/YoDJPumpThisParty

13. “Preloading the local maps for use offline is key as is downloading the Google translate language pack.” –- u/stimilon

“Most big, international airports will have mobile / cellular stores or kiosks that sell local SIM cards. You can purchase a SIM card and cellular plan together… and the store clerk usually installs the SIM and activates the service for you. A SIM costs about 15-20 EUR/USD and most providers offer a pay-per-use or daily/weekly rates (costs vary). In more remote or smaller locations, I’ve looked up who the local cellular provider is and visited one of their stores. There’s also the eSIM (mobile app that acts as a SIM), but I haven’t tried it so cannot attest to its effectiveness.” — u/mft8

14. “A battery bank with a wireless charging side.” — u/UTDroo

15. “With this Bestek Travel Adapter, my girlfriend and I can charge 2 computers, 2 phones, and a camera.” — u/HaleyandZach

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