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Puerto Rico and JetBlue Are Giving Away Free Island Vacations

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by Eben Diskin Jan 29, 2021

Puerto Rico is taking the National Plan for Vacation Day seriously this year. The day is designed to encourage people to take time to plan their vacations for the year and ensure that they actually use their hard-earned PTO days. The “holiday” itself took place on January 26, but Puerto Rico is teaming up with JetBlue to give you even more time to score a Puerto Rico vacation.

Elizabeth Windram, the vice president of marketing at JetBlue, said, “we’re excited to launch a partnership with Discover Puerto Rico encouraging travelers to choose days for a future vacation to the island. With so much pent up travel demand, we look forward to welcoming customers whenever they are ready to Fly JetBlue to Puerto Rico, knowing they can count on us to deliver a safe travel experience and an award-winning service.”

Discover Puerto Rico, JetBlue, and the San Juan Marriort are inviting travelers to enter a sweepstakes that will give them a chance to win round-trip travel and lodging to Puerto Rico. From now to February 10, travelers are encouraged to block off time on their calendars for an upcoming trip later this year. All you have to do is choose any week in 2021, create a calendar event with “Fly JetBlue to Puerto Rico” as the subject line, make “” a participant in the calendar entry, and press send.

Three grand prize winners will win two roundtrip flights each to Puerto Rico and a six-day, five-night stay at the San Juan Marriott. One hundred entrants who miss out on the grand prize will receive a goodie bag with some travel swag that they can use on their next vacation.

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