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Qatar Airways Is Giving Away 100,000 Round-Trip Flights to Health Workers

by Dayana Aleksandrova May 13, 2020

On May 12, which was International Nurses Day, Qatar Airways announced that it will be giving away 100,000 free round-trip flights to front-line healthcare workers as thanks for their hard work during the pandemic.

“Thank you to all of the frontline healthcare professionals across the globe. Your tremendous efforts and incredible resilience have given us hope in these times of uncertainty,” the airline said in the statement announcing the giveaway.

In order to receive two free tickets, healthcare workers need to fill out a registration form on the airline’s website before 4:59 PM ET on May 18. Qatar Airways representatives will then follow up and share a promo code that will be used to claim the tickets. In addition to free flights, the airline is offering a 35 percent discount at the duty free outlets at Hamad International Airport — the airline’s hub in Doha, Qatar. Those who manage to get a discount code and make a reservation can bring a companion.

All healthcare workers are eligible for the offer, regardless of nationality. The limited number of promo codes will be distributed daily by country. Qatar Airways has already seen a huge response to the offer which may result in delays in processing applications.

The airline has managed to remain active and operate 30 routes during the global lockdown. It plans to scale up to 52 routes by the end of May and reach 80 by June.

Other companies that have announced similar initiatives include JetBlue, which is also giving away 100,000 flights to healthcare workers, and CheapCaribbean, which is offering “nurses only” all-inclusive vacation offers.

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