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Real ID Deadline Extended by One Year

by Eben Diskin Apr 1, 2020

President Trump announced that the deadline for obtaining a Real ID will be extended by one year from October 1, 2020, to October 1, 2021. “At a time when we’re asking Americans to maintain social distancing, we do [not] want to require people to go with their local DMV,” said Trump during a press briefing on March 23, 2020.

DMVs across the United States are closed or restricting access, making it nearly impossible for millions of people to apply for and obtain the document.

In addition to giving applicants another year, the extension will also give the Department of Homeland Security time to improve the application process, including allowing applicants to submit documents online.

The Real ID is a new form of license or certification card that meets new security standards established by the US government. Americans who do not possess a Real ID or a passport by October 1, 2021, will not be allowed to fly domestically. A traditional driver’s license will not suffice.

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