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Fifty-Four Percent of Americans Still Want to Work Remotely Post Pandemic

by Eben Diskin May 4, 2020

The pandemic will prove to be a catalyst for many changes once life returns to normal, but one of the most obvious ones is the work-from-home movement. Now that the majority of Americans have had a taste of working remotely, going back into the office is going to be a tough proposition.

According to an IBM survey, 54 percent of the 250,000 polled adults want to work primarily from home, and 75 percent would like the option to do it occasionally. Forty percent of respondents said that once their businesses reopen, they’d like their employer to offer a work-from-home option.

Remote work requires more than a simple change of location. For employers, making sure their staff has the skills to be self-motivated, manage time, and remain productive is indispensable before taking the leap.

Encouragingly for employees, data shows that businesses are open to the idea. A Gallup poll released on Friday showed that 52 percent of managers would be in favor of allowing employees to work from home more often, due to their experience with the pandemic.

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