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Get a Mountain All to Yourself by Renting This Spectacular Airbnb in Montana

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by Olivia Harden Apr 28, 2021

If you love the peaceful quiet that comes with immersing yourself in the great outdoors, this getaway offer is for you. Airbnb is partnering with Big Sky Resort and famed rock climber Conrad Anker to offer two guests a private, once-in-a-lifetime stay on Montana’s beautiful Andesite Mountain.

Airbnb Andesite Mountain in Big Sky, Montana parallel view of bedroom and living room, airbnb montana mountain stay

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Big Sky Resort and Conrad Anker are offering travelers the chance to spend three nights on Andesite Mountain and explore 5,850 acres of mountainous terrain — all alone. The stay is scheduled from October 7 to October 9, 2021, and will go to two lucky guests for only $88 a night. Booking opens at 1:00 PM ET on May 13, and you’d better be quick if you want it.

The offer is jam-packed with opportunities for adventure. Vacationers can hike, horseback ride, bike 100 miles worth of trails in the area, go fly-fishing for trout on the Gallatin River, or ride the Tram to the summit of Lone Peak on Lone Mountain to take in views of two national parks and three different states.

Airbnb Andesite Mountain in Big Sky, Montana fireplace and dining room, airbnb montana mountain stay

Photo: Airbnb

Your accommodation will not only have some of the coolest views in Montana, but its interior is also tastefully decorated and cozy so that guests can enjoy a spot of luxury and comfort during their stay.

Airbnb Andesite Mountain in Big Sky, Montana deck view, airbnb montana mountain stay

Photo: Airbnb

The stay offers dinner for two in a yurt, a virtual chat with Conrad Anker, live from Mount Everest, and stunning views of the Draconids meteor shower from the outdoor deck (guests will be provided with a telescope).

To mark the occasion, Airbnb will make one-time donations to local organizations Big Sky Youth Empowerment and the Montana Conservation Corps.

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