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You Can Now Rent Tony Stark’s Cabin From ‘Endgame’ on Airbnb

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by Aryana Azari Jun 11, 2019

While fans may not have the superpowers required to be a part of the official Avengers crew, they can still be a part of the Stark family — minus one crucial member, of course — by staying in the cabin that Tony, Pepper, and their daughter Morgan lived in during the five years post-Thanos snap. Hosted by Ed, the secluded cabin looks exactly as it did during Avengers: Endgame, and is going for $800 on Airbnb at the time of writing.

Tony Stark's cabin from Endgame

Photo: Airbnb

Inside Tony Stark's cabin in Endgame

Photo: Airbnb

Located in Fairburn, Georgia, the cabin is right on Chattahoochee River. It sleeps six, with three bedrooms, four beds, and three bathrooms. The amount of space you have inside doesn’t compare to the outdoor area, but there’s still a number of places to post up in aside from the bedrooms: a kitchen with modern amenities, as well as a table and chairs; a dining room; and a cozy living room with a fireplace.

Essentials like toiletries are provided, and there’s even a washer and dryer in case you need to do laundry during your stay. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the home, but sadly, none of Tony’s nanotech gear.

Bed inside Tony Stark's cabin in Endgame

Photo: Airbnb

Another selling point is that you’ll have the entire place to yourself. You won’t even be bothered by any pesky neighbors or nosey fans, as the cabin is part of the Bouckaert Farms’ private property. What you will have to worry about though, are deer, coyotes, turkeys, snakes, and spiders — but summon that courageous spirit worthy of one of Earth’s mightiest heroes and you should be fine.

Tony Stark's cabin in Endgame by the lake

Photo: Airbnb

Just 30 minutes from the city, this cabin is the perfect alternative to an Airbnb in Atlanta for those looking to hide away from busy city life while still being within a reasonable distance from civilization.

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